Portia Boston

Wellness, Inclusvity + Diversity Educator


Portia is an inclusivity educator and diversity trainer based in New York City. During her time as a certified personal trainer, master barre instructor and studio manager, she continually observed a lack of cultural diversity and inclusion across all aspects of the wellness industry. She has led DEI (diversity, equity and inclusion) trainings for large-scale organizations, fitness studio owners and individual wellness professionals to help them create more inclusive business models and ultimately help them better serve their communities and the industry at large. 


"I’ve gained tangible tools to facilitate inclusion and openness as a teacher and studio owner. I’m grateful to Portia for facilitating discussion and reflection in a non-judgements and moral setting. The time went by fast!"

Kate Davies
Studio Owner of YO BK

"These trainings have been so valuable and I really appreciate the way Portia presented everything in such a tangible and easy to understand way. Thank you for allowing me to be part of this important conversation. Looking forward to more trainings in the future. "

Mackenzie G.
Student of Weekend Intensive

"Portia is an incredible speaker, leader, teacher, and human. She enters each conversation with a calmness that reminds me 'it's going to be okay.' Her training on Diversity and Inclusion is grounded in her background as a physical trainer as well as her own personal experience. She connects physical sensation to (what can be) hard discussions and asks us to find ways to move through the world more emotionally present with ourselves and others. She is backed by the facts, but chooses to focus on humanity above all else. While she tackles everything fearlessly head on, Portia also makes space and holds space for all who are willing to listen. "

Cerridwyn M.
Training + Workshop Student

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