Interested in having your team led through a formal DEI training or workshop? 

Portia has led DEI  trainings for small and large-scale fitness + wellness organizations, as well as for individuals and other industry professionals to help them create more inclusive business models and ultimately help them better serve their communities. 

Keynote Topics:

Cultural Appropriation
Gain a clearer understanding of cultural appropriation and its role in the fitness + wellness industry: learn the difference between appropriation and appreciation, and how to avoid painful mistakes in your marketing materials, products and services.

Diet Culture, Body Image and Racism
Diet culture and fat phobia are inextricably tied up in racist ideology. Learn about the painful history that has led to society’s current complicated relationship with body image, and what we can all do to help dismantle and destigmatize harmful cultural beliefs and understandings.

Fostering Inclusivity 101
Learn the basics on creating inclusive fitness and wellness spaces in today’s climate. Increase your awareness around issues like microagressions, cultural appropriation and start to examine your own implicit biases.

Tough Conversations and the Art of Calling In

How do we begin to have tough conversations about racism with the people we care about most? Equip yourself and your team with the tools to effectively engage in civil discourse, gain practical advice on how to navigate your emotions and learn how to increase productivity and the long-term effects of these difficult conversations.

White Feminism
Learn about the dangers of white feminism: how it presents itself in society, what it looks like now and how it affects us today. Begin to understand your own complicity and how to take action toward the ideal: intersectional feminism.

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