A 3-day immersive learning experience for fitness + wellness professionals who are serious about up-leveling their anti-racism education and making a difference. 

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Friday, April 23rd: 5pm-8pm 

Saturday, April 24th: 11am-2pm

Sunday, April 25th: 12pm-3pm 

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What People Are Saying:


Does this sound familiar?

  • You want to do "the work" on anti-racism but not entirely clear what that looks like for you
  • You're afraid of making painful mistakes around race + culture that might hurt your colleagues, your clients or your brand
  • You're worried about your actions on social media being performative, or only surface-level
  • You really want to learn, but feel overwhelmed, overstimulated by all of the anti-racist materials and resources available
  • You'd like to find a safe space and without fear of being called-out and find more like-minded people in the industry

It's time fully step into your growth as an ally and advocate.

As a practitioner and educator, you have the power to create more diverse, equitable  and inclusive spaces in fitness + wellness.

Investing in your own anti-racism education not only provides obvious ethical, altruistic benefits, but will lend you competitive advantages in today's saturated market. Your worldview, your action, your commitment will make you stand out.

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What Else People Are Saying:

Join this 3-day immersive experience-- build connections, expand your capacity for personal growth and help heal your community. **Spots are limited!**

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What We'll Cover:

  • Fat phobia, diet culture and racism 
  • Appropriation + digital blackface 
  • Tough conversation how-tos
  • Business inclusivity + exclusivity 
  • Action planning
  • Healthcare and racism


  • Your burning questions, personal concerns answered by an expert in real time
  • Nurtured community connection with like-minded folks

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Portia Boston is a fitness expert, wellness coach, inclusivity educator and diversity trainer based in New York City. She has worked in the fitness industry as a certified personal trainer, pilates teacher and master barre instructor, and on the administrative side as a studio manager and as a coordinator for a luxury amenities management company. Working across all verticals of the industry, Portia continually observed a lack of cultural diversity and inclusivity, and found there were little to no resources to help address the racial and cultural issues specific to the fitness and wellness space. So, she took matters into her own hands. Portia has led DEI  trainings for small businesses and large-scale fitness + wellness organizations, as well as for individuals and other industry professionals to help them create more inclusive business models and ultimately help better serve their communities and the industry at large.