A go-at-your-own-pace mini course designed to empower and hold accountable those committed to anti-racist living in all aspects of life. Reconnect and reclaim your wellbeing, free from diet culture and white supremacist patriarchal systems.

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What People Are Saying About My Courses and Trainings:

You can stop the cycle of cultural oppression while also up-leveling and healing your own wellness practice at the same time. Let me show you how...

Does this sound familiar?

  • You are feeling disconnected from your body and your wellness practice

  • Experiencing a cycle of negative thoughts around your body and your relationship to fitness

  • Feelings of discomfort or even anger with fitness + wellness messaging from certain brands but not sure how to respond

  • You’d love to find a safe space to talk about issues of wellness and activism with a like-minded community

And what about this?

  • You want to do "the work" on anti-racism but not entirely clear what that looks like for you
  • You know that you may hold implicit biases but aren't sure where to begin in untangling and dismantling them 
  • You're afraid of making painful mistakes around race + culture that might hurt your friends your clients, colleagues or friend
  • You really want to learn, but feel overwhelmed, overstimulated by all of the anti-racist materials and resources available

These two areas of your life-- social justice and wellness-- are inextricably connected. When we are disconnected from our purpose, particularly our social purpose, it is much more difficult to feel and be nourished by our food, our spiritual practices, physical practices and even our relationships. It becomes more difficult to be well. 

Ok, I'm READY!

What Else People Are Saying:

It’s time to step into your full potential as an advocate and ally. The truth is, unless you are consistently and actively working to combat racism in all aspects of your life, you are taking part in the cycle of oppression. And at this point, the homophobic, fat-phobic, white supremacist patriarchy has been perpetuated for so long (centuries), this toxic ideology is a part of every aspect of our day-to-day lives, including our fitness, wellness and spiritual practices. That’s the bad news...

But there’s good news: you can uncover your biases, increase your awareness and feel confident speaking up AND feel stronger, more empowered and more well in your own body. 

What We'll Cover:

  • Anti-racist foundations
  • Fat phobia, diet culture and racism 
  • Cultural appropriation + digital blackface 
  • Tough conversations and effective communication
  • White Supremacy and White Feminism
  • Toxic Spirituality
  • Long-term anti-racist implementation techniques


  • Monthly live calls to have your burning questions, personal concerns answered by Portia in real time
  • Nurtured community connection with like-minded folks

What Else People Have Said About Previous Trainings...

Portia Boston is a fitness expert, wellness coach, inclusivity educator and diversity trainer based in New York City. She has worked in the fitness industry as a certified personal trainer, pilates teacher and master barre instructor, and on the administrative side as a studio manager and as a coordinator for a luxury amenities management company. Working across all verticals of the industry, Portia continually observed a lack of cultural diversity and inclusivity, and found there were little to no resources to help address the racial and cultural issues specific to the fitness and wellness space. So, she took matters into her own hands. Portia has led DEI  trainings for small businesses and large-scale fitness + wellness organizations, as well as for individuals and other industry professionals to help them create more inclusive business models and ultimately help better serve their communities and the industry at large.